"My greatest joy as a designer is bringing a concept to life and making sure it’s functional and timeless."

NURSES CAP FOR KASS SWIMWEAR LLCWith limited resources and closed factories across America, it was important to do my part in a time where we all need one another. Especially since the virus is affecting more than the body. It has affected our daily routines and our economical structure. Nothing about with pandemic says luxury or travel, which is the world i tend to subscribe to. That didn't stop me from using my supplies to design something that provides safety, but also makes you feel good. With a demand for protective gear, I found it in my duty to craft a piece that gave confidence and style in such a traumatic setting.
Unlike the usual cotton caps, this fabric is a no-hassle garment cleaning job. Not damaged by body oils, perspiration, lotions, detergents and is also easy on the edges. I whipped up a nurses cap using the high-tech, fast-drying lycra fabric from our studio scraps. The nurse was in need of something to protect her hair. Which is very important for black women who cannot just go home and wash their style every night while dealing with COVID-19. I used our signature elastic cord for swift and comfortable adjusting. The metal closure can be removed if necessary, with a tiny heart embroidered at the temple for a little extra love.

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