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Papaya Leaf Tea 

Who is bush?
Bush. is a herbal tea line designed by Black Caribbean Women that promote the medicinal benefits of herbs to assist your body with a new approach to healing itself. No matter what your ailment “There’s a herb for that!”


3 Queens Gin


In 1878 three women became symbols of freedom and rebellion. Mary, Agnes and Mathilda were known locally as the “queens”. (there is one more queen, studies show.)

Even after the abolition of slavery, conditions in the Virgin Islands were tough. Frustration and unrest were brewing – sparking the uprising remembered as the Fireburn. With passion and unstoppable determination the three queens ignited the island and are remembered today as heroes.

This gin commemorates the queens’ legacy. It embodies the spirit of the islands history and natural beauty. Handcrafted in small batches and made with local bush-tea botanicals, 3 Queens Gin is for those who are not afraid to take the path less traveled and toast to the strong spirited!

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