Creative Director and founder Keiann Corlise believes in a strong code of ethics when it comes to the world of swimwear, production, design, and luxury.
Keiann Corlise understands that America is not the leading site consumers look towards for designer retail. her mission is to shift the perspective of atelier design.
Keiann has spent the earlier years of KASS swimwear personally drafting each pattern of every look, deepening the authenticity of the brand.
Keiann Corlise grew up in the most visibly luxurious place in the United States, the United States Virgin Islands. Once colonized by the french, danish, and Spanish, Keiann Corlise understands the influence each culture takes on her passion to intimately source the finest textiles from each of these regions, to be tested in her new york city studio.
Founded in St. Croix in 2012, KASS is for the aspiring, daring & exotic. Kass redefines the fashion seasonal calendar, understanding that holiday is a luxury taken at any moment. Designed in the heart of New York City, Kass provokes thee aspiring & intentional through the journey of the woman's body.